Our Services

The goal of EB Real Estate is to offer our wide-range of real estate expertise in numerous areas to our clients. We provide our clients with a one-stop location where various needs can be addressed including financing, acquisitions, due diligence and operations.

Designed for Optimal Results

We offer clients key real estate services including brokerage, finances, appraising, asset management, real estate syndication, consulting and more. In short, we are proud to offer all real estate related services that you are likely to need. We can help you find a property, perform the due diligence work, including financial analysis, and then find suitable investors. We always keep the owner’s goals and unique requirements firmly in mind throughout the process.

Boosting Revenue While Reducing Expenses

When we handle property and asset management, our goal is to improve revenues and maximize the value of each investment. At the same time, we keep expenses and costs to a minimum. Whether this requires due diligence, new construction or recapitalization, we focus on proactively handling our assets. We also offer support services including financial management, handling tenants and various aspects of building operations.

Experience always matters. This factor, of course, holds true for brokering. Whether you need to raise equity, evaluate real estate or buy or sell properties, you can turn to EB Real Estate. Learn more about the people behind EB Real Estate and their experience on our About Us page.